• Company-profile

    •       Beijing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd, formerly known as Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory, was founded in 1955. At very first, it was a practice factory attached to Beijing Petroleum Institute, developing with China National Petroleum Corporation. At present, it is affiliated to China Petroleum Corporation Engineering Technology Research Institute. For more than half a century, Beijing Petroleum has experienced bumpy development, but it’s employees, with Beijing Petroleum culture and iron-man spirit, kept sustainable innovation, receiving reputation from Home and Abroad.

    •       Currently, Beijing Petroleum owns six series of leading products such as top drive drilling system, drill-down equipment, positive displacement motor, ground blowout preventer control equipment, jar and shock absorber, single screw pump and over ten petroleum equipment products. It has domestic advanced products and technologies with international leading level. The BPM has become a well-known brand at home and abroad, covering onshore and offshore oil and gas fields in China, exported to more than 60 countries and regions across five continents, including the United States, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. It strongly supports the “Go Out” development strategy of China Petroleum and contributes to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative of China.

    •       Beijing Petroleum is dedicated to construct a digital smart factory. China National Petroleum Corporation invests Hundreds of millions Yuan for Beijing Petroleum to build complex factories with area of tens of thousands of square meters, equipped with top equipment and facilities, which is located at Beijing Changping Science and Technology Park. Therefore, it owns a first-class modernized operation platform in China, hundreds of high-end CNC equipment, several fine inspecting and testing equipment, advanced environmental coating equipment and intelligent warehouse management system, which guarantees the products’ high-end quality and leading position.

    •       Beijing Petroleum has accumulated rich experience in respect of production & operation, quality management, internal control. With implementation of integration of information technology and industrialization management system and full integration of R & D, manufacturing, management and service information systems, it gets through the information flow of product life cycle data, creates an advanced and high-efficient integrated mode of manufacturing and service, developing a new age for Beijing Petroleum smart manufacturing. In additional, it is the first to obtain ISO,API, CCS, CE and other certifications, enabling the quality of each product to be fully guaranteed.

    •       Beijing Petroleum has a R&D team with all members has creative spirit. Adhering to the enterprise operation concept of Morality, Quality and Brand, they undertake multiple national, Beijing and Group Company’s scientific projects, and many products have won national key new products and provincial science and technology awards. It has become a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial enterprise technology center as well as a design innovation center in Beijing.

    •       For years, manufacturing industry servicizing has been the goal and power for development of Beijing Petroleum. Its employees always stick to the enterprise aim of Pursue Customers' Unregretful Choice, and take steps to the goal of providing our customers with more faithful and superior service. At present, the company has a service team over hundreds of people and built many service stations all over the world, with its service scope covering all product series of Beijing Petroleum. Additionally, it provides a safe and timely technical support for the successful application by global customers under various harsh and extreme environments.

    •       Beijing Petroleum employees always adhere to the development strategy of Standardization, Streamline, Intellectualization and Internationalization. With a high-quality innovative team, depending on technical advantages of academy of engineering and carrying out close cooperation with scientific research institutions, universities, and top suppliers in the world, it collects Chinese wisdom and global resources, to vigorously promote the development of system concept and technology innovation, continuous perfect and upgrade existing products series, keep researching and developing new intelligent products, so as to provide market with high-end equipment continuously and promote the technical innovation of oil and gas drilling industry and develop towards the direction of green and clean operation.

    •       Standing at the starting point of a new age, under the guidance of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Beijing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd will spend its best effort to reach the goal to be a high-end oil drilling technology equipment manufacturing service enterprise with international competitiveness, by expanding a wider vision, making smarter products, holding opener posture and stepping more determined pace, aiming at making new and huge contribution to realize century-old dream of China's oil industry.