• Memorabilia

    • 2000-2018

    • 1978-1999

    • 1995-1997

    •     Entering the new century, vientiane update, north stone man vigor and vitality, forge ahead, insist on science and technology create superior equipment, with China's wisdom and global resources to build north stone products, created a new situation in enterprise development.

    •     With the development of the petroleum industry, Beijing petroleum machinery factory in the production and operation practice, continuously explore and move forward, attaches great importance to technological innovation, improve the management level, improve product quality, and gradually establish a modern enterprise.

    •     Beijing petroleum machinery factory was established on the basis of Beijing petroleum institute machinery practice factory. The road to starting a business has been long, and the older generation of beishi people have not been afraid of difficulties and striven hard, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of Beijing petroleum machinery plant.