• Sales-Service

    •       As our outside window, the service engineering department is responsible for providing technical service, after-sale service and equipment frontier maintenance, sales for our customer. It is one of the core teams in our company.

    •       Founded in 2018, service engineering department develops with company by depending on excellent platform of company and leadership care. It is designed to provide technical service for many customers, lay a good foundation for the establishment of strong core competitiveness, promote the company to transform to service manufacturing industry, and to build competition advantages of the company in the industry. This department has its high-efficiency services in combination with other departments to keep working hard for the prosperity of the company.

    • 1. Personnel allocation and technical power
            Service engineering department has a team with strong technical power. In this department, there are 95% and above personnel having Bachlor degree or above and over 90% having at least 5 years technical service experience of this company. All workers have gone through strict training and start work after assessment. After keeping studying and implementing standardized management, we have built the communication mechanism of one by one and the service mechanism of waiting on duty for whole day and all year, to provide a strong guarantee for the company's sustainable development. we have established a standard service system.Main responsibilities of service engineering department include: TO ensure the optimization of the company's technical services; To provide support to oilfield customer’s project decision; To demonstrate and promote new product; To provide technical support to all departments of the company

    • 2. Footprint of Service
            Recently, technical service of Beijing Petroleum covers oilfields of China and also expends to many countries in Middle East, America, Africa.

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    • 3. Commitment to Our Customers
            The service aim of Beijing Petroleum is fast, professional, accurate and complete. While ensuring the advanced, reliable and stable equipment, we also continue to improve service quality, to guarantee that our customers can receive the best service, and we can win customers' confidence and satisfaction with service quality and pursue customers' unregretful choice. With following time pace, we combine the actual development and situation of company to successfully promote the transformation of company from service to manufacturing, leading industry and market.

    • Service business consulting contact:
            Tel: 86-10-80165920
            Email: bpm.tdsales@vip.163.com